Creating an image with proper updation radiating your positive attributes in person, is the basic motto for Image consulting. We provide No-foolish short time consulting about your IMAGE radiating your business sense & effective impact to mainly fit your budget.

As its an open truth, Image makeover ideas have no end to invest and spending. The differential idea what we provide is based on our popular principal, “Spend Less – Brand More”. A no-nonsense idea which make you FEEL Smarter than just a Superficial Image Makeover. This is the inner change  which lasts longer and radiate your true expression wherever you go.

Our main focus will be on changing and promoting your overall expression make it fit to your Business. Here Business does not necessarily mean the professional vertical you are engaged into. You may be a housewife, a student or a working professional. The Outer Appearance and the Inner Feel which results in your natural Body Expression.

In all areas from personalised services , SMEs to Corporates we provide basics viz

Knowing Yourself

How to introduce yourself
How to Create a classic impression
Body language relating to self- learn attributing truths
A guide to powerful voice
Understand around and about before you start talking

 Knowing about others

How to build a Rapport
Emotional Intelligence & resulting Behaviours
Decoding body language of people in front of you
Impactive voice expressions
Diplomatic Appearance at meetings
Effective appearance in professional Networking

 Managing People

Become an expressive wherever necessary
Become noticeable where you go
Building Charismatic personality
Own the discussion
Impress like a pro
Build truthful bonds

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