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Since year 2002, the Govt Liasoning Division of m/s MANDAR SANT is operated on the track of transparency and ethics. We offer TurnKey solutions for any requirement of the customers. To carry out the Liasoning assignments in efficient and professional manner, we have appointed a well qualified and experienced team of professionals who are experienced in the concerned department or well aware of the related laws. Till date, Govt Liasoning Division of m/s MANDAR SANT has successfully saved crores of rupees of its customers through availing various incentives. We have efficiently catered to complex situations to fit the customers and avail benefits under the said laws.

Our customer base is widespread and it also belongs to various domains Like BioTech, Production, IT, R & D , Design Houses and so many.

Meeting Client & Understanding Requirements

  • Understanding the Validity of the same.
  • Detailing to the client about duration and Commercials.
  • Parallel processing of the file once the Order is received with Advances.
  • Updating the customer at mutually agreed time duration about the progress of the work.
  • Providing End Solution and Handing over the Documents if any.The Company provides solutions in following areas

Related to Department of ENERGY

  • All the Solutions related to Electricity Charges ,
  • All the Solutions related to Availing of Govt. Incentive Packages
  • Appeals related to Electricity Laws
  • Solutions to Critical situations like disconnection etc.
  • Registration / New Connections / Meter Shifting / Filing Generator Returns etc
  • Specialised solutions like Multiple metering against same Transformer

Related to Department of Industries

  • Registration in a neat manner under proper vertical
  • Availing various benefits for Industries.
  • Availing Finances & Financial Schemes for Industries
  • Availing Best available incentives from Govt.
  • Updation of various Records with concerned Govt. Deptt.s



The company undertakes Energy Efficiency Audits for premises and can suggest various solutions in the Budget Cost for lowering the Electricity Bills.


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